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Service Industries

ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service provides security coverage across different industries and verticals.

Hospitality | Stress Free Travel

The Hospitality industry has high risk levels as hotels and motels are accessible targets with sizeable, floating populations including high profile visitors. It only makes sense that the hospitality industry prepares itself for all eventualities. However, hotels require subtle security measures that do not make guests uncomfortable or interfere with service levels. ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service works closely with hospitality establishments and their staff to focus on discrete safety measures to combat any threat.

Construction Sites | Building A Safer World

ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service offers cost-effective customized plans for specialized locations like construction sites. We provide comprehensive wired and wireless surveillance and alarm systems. Problem areas are identified and secured, reinforced by sensors that trigger a fully integrated warning system. These automated security systems work in conjunction with a continuous human and canine patrol system to create a safer outdoor construction site. With ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service on guard, Texan businesses can rest at ease.

Corporate Properties | Securing Businesses

Businesses rely on a safe and secure working environment to ensure long-term success. Corporate security requires considerable planning that can only be met by experienced and qualified personnel who are capable of assessing organizational security requirements and acting upon those requirements. Yet, for too long now, businesses have taken a more defensive approach towards corporate security, one that focuses on protection and loss prevention instead of taking a more active role. At ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service, 10 years of experience protecting corporate assets has taught us that security managers must be integrated into the corporate structure to align the company's security policies with it's organizational goals. From Manufacturing plants to retail outlets and corporate offices, we’re with you all the way.

Auto Dealerships | Securing Businesses

We are proud to have on our profile some of America's leading automobile dealerships.

Hospitals & Healthcare | Safer Health Care

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US and it requires protection on multiple levels. Considering the presence of patients, vast quantities of expensive technologies and easy access to large quantities of rare drugs at hospitals; it is vital to have a comprehensive security program that physically protects people as well as valuable resources from man-made or natural disasters. Our healthcare security plans cover pressing points including key procedures like patient evacuation, securing the premises, surveying the premises and more.

Educational Institutions | Protecting The Future

A safe learning environment is expected at educational institutions that hope to make a real difference to their students. In the face of increasing school shootings, terror threats, violence, vandalism and sexual assaults in educational institutions, security must take top priority. At ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service, we've learned that we must take an integrated approach to security and begin by helping educational institutions set specific security objectives in place along with building dedicated programs to protect students and faculty members.