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Service Overview

Affordable Security For Everyone

Security today requires a high aptitude for technology and information. It calls for access to, and the ability to leverage information and the latest technologies to not only safeguard sites; but also to schedule, manage and streamline processes for greater reliability and dependability. It calls for a great degree of planning, execution and responsiveness to match each different customer’s individual risk profiles.

ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service helps customers identify and address risk areas. We provide investigative and consulting services to help determine threat levels. We provide quality services that cater to every aspect of your security, public relations and budget objectives.

Personalized Security Solutions

We begin each assignment by carrying out a thorough risk assessment and mitigation study to understand the property's weak points and find out exact security requirements. We try to provide proactive preliminary planning based on our investigations to pre-empt criminals before they strike. Our primary investigations help us break down each location’s strengths and weaknesses before we create a comprehensive security plan to deal with any situation, while taking organizational/personal requirements into consideration. We use an in-house software to schedule processes, track and save data and to monitor each project and study every property round the clock. Combine our manpower resources with the technology at our disposal, and every client gets an efficient and effective system that works flawlessly. We source and deploy seasoned professionals along and roll out tested technological resources to help customers address their unique logistical, technological and on-ground dilemmas. Each team receives further training to familiarize them with our customer's business goals and objectives. Our team of supervisors and managers keep a hawk eye on our on-site security team at each property.