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One of the reasons behind ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service's rapid growth and success – is our stellar team of dedicated security personnel. Each of our employees is a valued member of our team with a long history in security and law enforcement. ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service has a very strict background screening methodology that scrutinizes all potential employees and does a thorough check of each candidate to ensure that they have the right personality traits, high level of physical fitness and of course, the right experiences. To ensure that we employ only the best, every potential employee must undergo a thorough physical, psychological and background evaluation before we hire them. Those who make the cut, must undergo a vigorous training period and prove themselves before they start field work. Our training program is a 360 degree module that covers physical fitness, training, conflict resolution, laws and rules as well as an understanding of all the information technologies ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service uses on a daily basis.