dedicated security

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Training Programs

Comprehensive Training Program

ANJ Security employees must undergo rigorous training that comply with state and federal regulations before they are dispatched for duty. Our training program includes the following classroom and field instruction, but is not limited to the following:

  • Role of a Private Security Officer
  • Legal Authority of a Security Officer
  • Relationship with Visitors/Public Relations
  • Appearance - Professionalism - Uniforms
  • Communications
    • Person to person
    • Cellular Telephone
    • In Writing
    • Through the Chain of Command
    • Code of Conduct
    • State Law - Texas Commission on Private Security
    • Use of Force - Criminal Liability and Civil Liability
    • General Orders - Post Orders - Security Procedures
    • Patrolling - Procedures/Recognizing Problems
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Report Writing for Security Training Video
    • Professional Security Officer Training Video
    • Courtesy in the Function of Security Training Video
    • State Commission Continuing Education Level II Training