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About Us

Company Philosophy

“People First. Always.”

At ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service, we have very strong core values that we prioritize every step of the way. We believe in putting people first, whether they're our customers or our employees. We partner with our customers and our employees to create a safer society and a stable business environment. As a result, we provide personalized attention to each and every one of our customers and employees. Our Management's open-door policy means they are always accessible personally and we're proud to say, that it is this very level of personalized service that has lead to our growth.

Why ANJ Security Gaurd And Patrol Service?

ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service is dedicated to providing an effective, professional security coverage that deters criminal activity.

Affordable Security

By conducting a thorough risk assessment, we can offer our customers a security package that makes the most of their individual budgets while protecting their assets optimally.

Customized Care

Every customer gets personalized and customized security plans that serve them best.

Personalized Care

Every member of the ANJ team, from the management to the supervisors and security offices, is fully committed to be there for our customers in every way we can.

Trained & Experienced Staff

Our security staff consists of highly trained security personnel with extensive law enforcement experience. ANJ Security Guard and Patrol Service provides unique programs to cater to each customer's unique requirements.

24/7 Support

ANJ's team of managers and supervisors are always accessible to customers. Even our CEO is just a phone call away for our customers.